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Studio 26/08

A week later and after a brief trip to France, (more about that later) the flower
theme is gelling for the exhibition in Milan this autumn.
Passata una settimana, e dopo un salto in Francia, (dettagli tra poco) il tema 
dei fiori si sta definendo per la mostra a Milano questo autunno.


Studio 14/08

Finally getting going here in the studio - the weather's perfect,
my local bar is still open, I've bought paper and the rest,
here goes!
Finalmente mi sto avviando qua in studio - il tempo è perfetto, 
il mio bar è ancora aperto, ho fatto la scorta di carta ecc., 
mi butto!


numbers + words = special present / numeri + parole = regalo speciale

A recent commission which will adapt to lots of different situations; maybe 
this could be another print edition... Un recente lavoro commissionatomi che 
potrebbe adattarsi a situazioni molto diverse, magari a un'altra 
edizione di stampe...


Cats in Pontremoli, now! Gatti a Pontremoli!

A group exhibition dedicated to cats on at the moment in Pontremoli,
at the Ex-Macelleria gallery.
Una mostra collettiva dedicata ai gatti in corso in questi giorni a 
Pontremoli, alla galleria Ex-Macelleria. 

Volevo anche dire che qualcuno mi ha chiesto di aggiungere i commenti 
in italiano, e quindi inizio, sperando di non fare degli strafalcioni 
troppo grosse!


Lunigiana print edition - edizione di stampe Lunigiana

The prints are done - an edition of 25 - the first ones have already been delivered
and anyone interested can contact me in the studio, or Giulia at the Ex-Macelleria
gallery in Pontremoli. The format is 30 x 40cm, slightly larger than A4 so they fit
comfortably in the A3 Muji frame that I often use!
L'edizione di 25 è stampata - le prime stampe sono state consegnate e chi è 
interessato mi può contattare in studio oppure acquistare direttamente da Giulia 
a Pontremoli nella galleria Ex-Macelleria. Il formato della carta è 30 x 40cm quindi 
molto adatto per la cornice Muji A3 che utilizzo spesso!


Gardens de-constructed at Villa Pavesi Negri

A one day exhibition near Pontremoli in what looks like
a rather wonderful villa.
These are the collages I did for Cristiana Serra Zanetti's
garden proposals in Gardenia magazine.
They're quite fun because they mix flowers and vegetables
in a way that's reminiscent of that most wonderful French
garden, Villandry. I remember falling in love with idea when
I visited there a few years ago, driving through France on
my way to London.


Help I'm lost - Tapirulan exhibition in the Violin Museum, Cremona

"Aiuto mi sono perso" in Italian is worth a visit; it's an exhibition about the
province of Cremona featuring the work of 52 illustrators.
It's on until 18 May, open every day 10.00am - 6.00 pm. Organised by the
Tapirulan Association, it's accompanied by a catalogue
which is also a guide to the province of Cremona, and an extra bonus is
that the exhibition is in the Violin Museum in Cremona
If you can organise to see a concert in the recently opened Auditorium, even better.
A circular stage and curvy shapes have been built into the existing rationalist building
by the architects Arkpabi and the accoustics are meant to be fantastic!
This is my map of the Province, some incredible names here, but not much
help for getting around, so as the organisers say: "Bring a compass or a navigator"