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Yesterday's Repubblica - Niko Romito at Reale, Italian star

Repubblica has been restyled and I did this illustration
for the first Saturday issue. The 8 Italian chefs with
3 Michelin stars sit down to cook and eat together.
Congratulations to the latest addition to the list, Niko Romito
at Ristorante Reale in Abruzzo, an area that's definitely worth
visiting for a variety of reasons. By coincidence this area is also
the subject of this week's food map, now moving to Wednesday's
"Viaggi" insert after the restyling.


Only for Italians - graphic designer Silvana Amato talking about her work

I've been working with Silvana for a few years now, after a joint exhibition
we had in Milan in 2008.
Here she is talking about her work and saying some lovely things about me
too, but I'm afraid it's only in Italian, so you'll just have to trust me!

illustrations for 66thand2nd, Alain Mabanckou's Black Bazaar


Ponte Lambro - leaf printing workshop

My partner in crime at Ponte Lambro! Another Giulia!
This is the result of the workshop we held in September.
20 kids printed these pictures with leaves from the riverbank
It was a bit chaotic, messy and lots of fun.


Ponte Lambro

Just back in the studio after the second part of the presentation this morning at the primary school in Ponte Lambro. We're working on two themes with 4 classes - history with the 5th years and nature with the 4th years. I have made a basic map which each class will work on, adding the information relevant to its individual research. At the end of the project we'll compare the 4 maps and see the different routes that each class has taken. First job is adding where each person's house is. This morning I delivered the maps, we learnt about soap and then made some - great fun! We're meeting up again next Monday to talk about the history of Ponte Lambro its launderies and washer women and men.


Latest commission

Another wedding present featuring trips all over the world
with a fabulous house in via Malpighi, to come home to.
Known as Casa Galimberti, it was designed in 1905 by the
architect Giovanni Battista Bossi for the Galimberti brothers.
It's in an interesting bit of Milan, around Porta Venezia, where
some of the best Art Nouveau (Liberty in Italian) buildings are
to be found. These sprang up at the beginning of the 20th
century when the "Lazzaretto", the hospital complex that dealt
with suffers during frequent outbreaks of the plague was
almost completely demolished. 
As Shakespeare so neatly puts it,
"Journeys end in lovers meeting".

Thanks Will!


2014 in Piazza Leonardo - think B I G !

Starting the new year with exciting developments
in Piazza Leonardo here in Milan. You will now find the box
(which you can see here in the photo), with the map and key
explaining the "1000 cose da fare..." project in lots of shops
and bars around the square.
Everyone has been so enthusiastic! Many many thanks to all
the people who have accepted our invitation! Here they are,
near the faculty of Architecture:
Valentina Stefanoni at the Cortina bookshop and Luigi Antonino
at La Dolce Sosta in via Ampère, and the very helpful but very shy
man who runs the newspaper stand on via Bonardi.
On the other side of the square in via Pascoli:
Tiziana Cortina and Sara Caruso at the Cortina bookshop
Alessandro Vendola at New Brand Cafè, and
the gang at Matricola.
We'll be going along in the next few days to see how they're
getting on. Please pick up the map from one of these places if
you use Piazza Leonardo and give us your ideas.
The success of the project hangs on the number of people
who participate and it's a great opportunity to think B I G -
you have nothing to loose!